Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009 Fun

My parents came up from San Diego for Easter this year and we had so much fun! We went to visit Grandpa Hepworth which was nice because we haven't seen him in a while.
Our cousins Amber and Nicolas also blessed their baby last weekend and we had a huge Easter feast. Here are some fun pictures...

I forgot my email and my password!!

So I totally forgot the email and password to our blog but I finally figured it out! So much has happened since our last post! We've been enjoying our life in the "minni apartment" but are planning to move to on-campus married housing next month. Both Stephen and I are SOO excited!

Also the doctors finally figured out what was wrong with my ankle. Apparently when I fell off the ladder last August I split a tendon in my ankle and another tendon slipped in between the split and made it unable to heal. So that means that I have to have surgery next month to repair it. That's going to be interesting.

Stephen has also had his own foray into anesthesia. He has had really bad heart burn since he got home from his mission and just recently his heart burn has gotten so much worse, so we went to get it checked out and the doctor recommended he get a throat endoscopy. It was his first experience in semi surgical procedures and he was quit excited! I personally thought he was crazy because I've had more surgeries then I care to remember. Anyway the doctor found out that the valve between Stephen's esophagus and his stomach doesn't close like the rest of the worlds and that stomach acid goes up his esophagus, yuck, I know! And to make matters worse he has a lesion on his esophagus that needs to heals. So basically he has to take prilosec the rest of his life and he has to get another throat endoscopy next month to make sure that the lesion on his esophagus heals properly.

So next month will be crazy busy for us, but really that's the way I like things!