Saturday, May 14, 2011

Picture, Pictures, and More Pictures!

So, the last few posts have had a lot of writing in them and I thought it was time for a post with mostly pictures. Here you go!
My happy, smiley boy!
Will sporting his new shades. He wasn't too sure what he thought about them at first but after I distracted him he loved them!
Recently I've been finding Will asleep like this. Isn't he cute?
He practiced SO hard on crawling that he fell asleep! Isn't his face so peaceful, I love him!
Stephen says Will sleeps just like me.
My SO SO tired baby!
*Disclaimer-I took these next few pictures with my cell phone and they are not great qualities but they are too cute not to share!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I'm a little late, but Happy Mother's Day anyway! My boys made sure it was an amazing day for me. In fact, in true McCuen style we celebrated for the entire weekend, not just the day. On Friday night we took Stephen's mom out to yummy Thai food for her mother's day present (really it was a present for all of us because the food was SO good). We then went for frozen yogurt at our favorite place, Earth Fruits Yogurt, it's a little expensive so we only go on special occasions. I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of that, darn.

On Saturday, Stephen drove me all the way to Salt Lake to eat at our favorite place, Les Madeleines, which I have already posted about. It was SO yummy! We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed tasty food and the beautiful day. After that we went home and had a family nap. I know that sounds boring to some but really with a 7 month old baby, any extra sleep is a blessing! We got dinner from P.F.Chang's, another place we love to eat.

On Sunday, I woke to my boys making me french toast, not just any french toast but Kneader's French Toast. It's SO tasty!!!!

Stephen and Will making French Toast!
Our Magnificent Breakfast!
Stephen had all my presents layed out on the table. Yes, those are Barbie clothes, I still play with dolls, people. Don't judge.
Me, all happy after breakfast and presents! (I know I look gross, it's ok though)
Will, trying Raspberries for the first time, he makes this face EVERY time he's tries something new, whether he likes it or not.
After the yummy breakfast, we got ready for church. Will was SO tired he fell asleep on our bed in his handsome suit.
Church was AMAZING! After church, I decided I needed a picture with the reason I'm a mother.
I know I look pretty tired in the last photo so after our little photo op, Stephen let me take a nap with Will while he made dinner. I have the most AMAZING husband! Our original plan was to have a BBQ picnic but it started raining right as we got home from church, so that was out. But Stephen still made some tasty steaks, roasted asparagus, rice pilaf, and corn on the cob.
After the great dinner, we tried out one of my presents, an ice cream maker, and made some raspberry and mango sorbet. It was SO good!
Thank you, my boys, for making this the best Mother's Day a girl could ask for!

And finally, a tribute to my own mom, Holly. She is the most amazing mother anyone could ask for! I wasn't the easiest child and she succeeded in not killing me or giving me up for adoption, and that makes her a saint. She always let my creativity shine and allowed me to learn from my mistakes. She is the best example of a mother, and I hope I can be half the mother she is. I love you Mommy!
Mommy and Me on my Wedding Day.
Mommy and Me at the beach, this past Christmas, looking at the American Girl Doll magazine. (this is where my love of dolls comes from)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Billy "The Beast" McCuen

You may have wondered why Will has been wearing a handsome blue helmet in the last few posts. Well I'm here to tell you. I've put this post off for a while because blogging about it means it's real. Although we've been dealing with it since Will was about 2 months old.

It's really not as bad as it seems, although when I found out he needed a helmet I went through a state of shock, I blamed myself, I cried for a week, and I denied he needed it. But he did and as you can see he got it.

You see Will has something call Torticollis and that caused him to have something called Plagiocephaly. I know both of those words sound scary, I thought so when I first heard them but really, Will won't even know (unless we tell him) he had a problem when he gets older and neither will anyone else.

So now for an explanation; Torticollis is a twisted neck in which the head is tipped to one side, while the chin is turned to the other. As far as the doctor can tell, Will developed Torticollis in the womb because he was positioned head down almost my entire pregnancy and his head was cocked to one side. Plagiocephaly is a result of Torticollis where one side of Will's head is flatter than the other.

Will has been going to physical therapy since he was 2 months old and his Torticollis is relatively under control. And although we've been trying to reposition his head since 2 months, Will still needed to wear a helmet to help mold his head to be symmetrical.

Will is taking it in strides. I'm so lucky that he's so mellow and doesn't really get bugged my things. And, fortunately, because we did do so much to correct the problem before it was helmet time, Will only has to wear it for another month, at the most, so that's good news.

You may ask why I named this post "Billy 'The Beast' McCuen'? Well, when my little brother, Jordan, first saw Will with his helmet on, he decided Will was destined to be a BYU football player and that his nickname will be " Billy 'the Beast' McCuen". I'm not sure my little baby will play football but I guess I can't blame Jordan for thinking that, he does look like a little linebacker, right?

P.S. I'm not blaming myself anymore, I know it's not my fault. Sometimes I get sad though, this poor kid has been through SO much in his short life!
P.S.S. Check out that sitting! Will is a bonafide sitter, he's doing it all by himself!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Funeral and Easter Sunday

The last few weeks have been so extraordinarily busy. A few weeks ago my grandfather, Sherman Hepworth Sr. passed away. He had been sick for a very long time and I know he's a lot happier now. I really enjoyed the funeral because I learned a lot about my grandpa that I didn't know. He's been sick my entire life so I don't have many memories of him and it was nice to get to know the man before the sickness. It was also nice to see family. All my dad's brothers and sisters came for the funeral and I enjoyed seeing them all. I even got to see my own family, even my older brother, Ammon, and his wife, Monica, came from Texas for the funeral.
Sherman, Sr.'s Children
The Viewing
Ammon, Monica, and Will
My family had to leave right after the funeral so we weren't able to spend Easter with them but most of my aunts and uncles were still here so we went up to my grandmother's house for Easter. It was really fun, we were able to chat, have a great dinner, and an Easter egg hunt. Before we headed to Salt Lake though, we has a visit from the Easter Bunny! He left Will a basket and was thoughtful enough to leave Stephen and I some candy as well :) Will was so cute! He had no idea what was going on but he loved it anyway.

Will in his Easter outfit and getting really excited about his Easter basket.
Will eating his basket, probably not a good idea because he got blue dye everywhere!
An upclose look at Will's basket! There's no actual candy in the eggs, just little baby crackers. There's also a giraffe and a book about Easter.
Will and my cousin, Tucker, Tucker's only a month older than Will. (yes, he is my cousin, my uncle's wife had a baby only a month before I did)
The Boys Playing.

All in all a very fun day!