Saturday, May 30, 2009

All Moved In

We did it!! Thanks to all the helpers, we moved into our new place at Wymount (BYU on-campus housing). Now we have the daunting task of unpacking and organizing. I never knew how much stuff we actually do have, it was so nicely compacted in our last place. It seems that now that we have more space, we want to spread it out and we have less space, if that makes sense.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So we are preparing to move out of our minni-apartment into on campus married housing a BYU and today I was reminiscing about the interesting adventures we've had in this little place. First of all, it's Stephen and my first home together and even though it defiantly has some major drawbacks it will always hold special place in my heart. Second, the huge spiders (I'm serious, they were as big as a quarter!) that kept me up after Stephen went to work, staring at me with their beady green eyes, daring me to move, until I got up the courage to attack them with a stick and beat them senseless. Third, the stove, for those of you who don't know, the stove blew up in my face last week (one of the scariest things ever to happen to me!). Luckily nothing bad happened and I'm fine, the stove however has gone to the big junkyard in the sky and we have a new beautiful stove that works so great. My favorite memories, however, will always be Steve and I sitting on our bed eating dinner, because we don't have a table. Oh the memories. We're happy we're moving but will always remember this place fondly.

We got a CAR!!

So thanks to Stephen's amazing sister Johanna, we have a car! She moved to Japan, didn't need her car anymore and thought of us. She is so great, I love her so much! It's a silver 2008 Mazda 3 and it works great! Thank you, thnak you, thank you Johanna, you have no idea how much you've helped us!