Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rice Cereal

For the last month Will has been watching Stephen and I eat, tracking every forkful with his eyes. So on Sunday we decided to try him on rice cereal. It was quite an adventure, but he LOVED rice cereal! He ate the entire bowl and wanted more but I didn't want to push it. He then slept 13 1/2 hours without making a peep, I LOVE RICE CEREAL!
He just kept eating and eating!

One satisfied baby!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas, Part 2

The week after Christmas was spent being "tourists". We took Will to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, the Zoo and the beach. He LOVED the beach, the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park were less of a hit. Will couldn't of cared less about the animals but he really dug the trees.

Daddy and Will at the Zoo
It got kind of cold at the Zoo so we put his blanket on his head, he didn't mind so much.
One happy baby.
First beach trip.
Mommy and Will
Happy beach Baby!
Giga (my mom) and Will. Will's out! It was a long day for him :)
First trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park

Eating on the Go.
Will with Papa (my dad), waiting for the bird show to start.
Will watching the bird show.
Will and Daddy
After we left San Diego, we went to visit Stephen's sister, Christina, in Crestline, CA (a town in the mountains of San Bernadino). But those pictures are for the next post.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Part 1

So many things happens over the Christmas break! Will had his 3 month birthday, he had his first Christmas, and he had his first haircut, just to name a few things. So get ready for a crazy load of pictures!

Christmas Eve Dinner at the Francois's
Christmas Morning!

Will LOVED when my mom sang him Jingle Bells. He would laugh and laugh and laugh!
The boys and their new hats!
Daddy and Will in their hats
Will fell asleep amidst all the toys!