Monday, March 28, 2011

Confessions of an Unexperienced Mommy

This post is for my dear friend, Jessie. She inspires me to be honest with people concerning my inexperience of being a mommy. So, Jessie here are some of my own confessions.

1. Some days Will and I lay on the floor all day long playing. I don't get anything done, no homework, no housework, nothing. I know that once I have more children times like these will be scarce and hard to come by so I don't really care that nothing gets done, just that I get to spend time with my little man.

2. I really, really hate doing the dishes. When I was younger I would pay my brothers and sisters to do my dishes when it was my turn. Now, Stephen does all the dishes, it was something we decided before we even got married. As long as I cook (and even when I don't), Stephen will do the dishes. I love him!

3. I really enjoy scrubbing the toilet. I get some sort of sick pleasure out of making that toilet bowl shiny and clean and knowing you could drink out of it if you wanted to (not that I ever have).

4. Some days, the only people I talk to are Will and Stephen. Will doesn't really talk back so when Stephen gets home from school I talk non-stop for half an hour before I wind down. Stephen, being the amazing husband that he is, sits and listens without complaint.

5. I really don't like snow. It's yucky and cold. It's also really slippery, which for me, the klutz, is not a great thing. I am also afraid to drive in it.

6. Every time I give someone a haircut I cut myself, always in the same place. I even have a scar there.

7. One of the most sexy things about Stephen are his ear lobes. I know what you're thinking, ear lobes? Really? But I love Stephen's ear lobes, they are perfectly shaped and SO sexy!

8. I may be a bad mommy but I laugh at Will when he gets upset. Not really upset, but when he gets frustrated with something or someone and makes the cutest face, I just laugh at him.

9. Our Routine: Get up when Will does. Give him a bottle. Do some stretches and exercises for his torticollis (Wondering what that is? The answer is for another post, not something to worry too much about though, just something frustrating). Have breakfast. Play on the floor, or Will will play on the floor while I try to get something done. Nap time at 10:00. While, Will's asleep I try to get some homework done or I nap or I try to do something for me and shower. When Will wakes up, usually around 12:30-1, Will gets dressed and we have lunch. We then either run errands or hang out at home because it's too cold to go outside. When it gets warmer I want to go outside and play but until then, we're stuck in the house. At about 3-3:30, Will gets a snack and takes a nap. This is usually when Stephen gets home, so I get to talk his sexy ears off for a little while ;). After a little chatting I start thinking about dinner. I love the crock pot and easy dinners and I try to plan dinners the weekend before so I have all the ingredients I need. Some days, however, I just don't feel like cooking so we have something packaged from the freezer. Anyway, after dinner Stephen does homework while Will and I play some more. Around 7:30 Will gets ready for bed. Either Stephen or myself read him stories or tell him stories about how we met or the day he was born. We then read some scriptures, only 3 but we have to start somewhere, and say a family prayer and put Will to bed. Stephen and I thee relax for a little while and watch some TV. Then it's bed time and we get ready to do it all over again the next day.

10. Like my friend, Jessie, I LOVE being a mommy. I couldn't ask for a better job. It is the most challenging thing I have ever done or will ever do but also the most worthwhile. I can't wait to have more little babies for Will to play with and make me crazy!

So here you go, Jessie. Something to make you feel like a better Mommy.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Les Madeleines and Temple Square

This last Saturday Stephen, Will and I went up to Salt Lake to go to Temple Square with my sister's family. On the way to Temple Square we stopped at the most AMAZING little restaurant for lunch, Les Madeleines. We has great sandwiches but the best part was the Kouing Aman. A flaky, sweet, salty, amazing pastry. It was one of the most incredible things I've ever eaten!!Kouing Aman
Here's the website if you are interested,

So after amazingness we met up with my sister's family at Temple Square. It was a tad cold so we didn't stay long but we did get some cute pictures.

Our little family.
My niece, Ella. It's her "picture" smile.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Incredible Eating Will

So Will has taken to eating solid by storm. He LOVES baby food, rice cereal, basically anything new you put in his mouth he gets excited about and squeals with delight. He has also taken to feeding himself bottles. It's pretty cute to watch him feed himself and see how proud he is of himself.

Will vs the Bib, I think the bibs winning :)

Feeding himself.

He is SO full but he just wants more and more because he loves to eat :)