Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ankle Problems!

For everyone who doesn't know, about two months ago I fell off a ladder at work and messed up my ankle. The worst part is that the doctors can't quite figure out what's wrong. All we know is that it hurts a lot. I've been to one specialist who had some ideas about what was wrong and I have to see another specialist to either confirm or deny it. I vote we just chop it off but Stephen says no way. We'll see what happens.


Wendy Ahlman said...

Hi, I love your blog. Great minds think alike I guess, you'll have to check out both of mine, Thank you for telling me about your blog, great to keep in touch. I love that picture of you. Hope Sian gets better. Love Wendy and family

Rebecca Fallentine said...

You look beautiful, what an exciting time for you! I hope you are feeling better from your fall! Love you!

Ellen Nef said...

you are so accident prone missy! sigh, but i love you billions! just a heads up, you spelt hepworth wrong on your profile- i mean, i know you don't need it anymore.....;-D