Sunday, October 25, 2009

Campfires, Rain and Hail

So last night my brother, Ammon invited Stephen and I up Provo Canyon to have a campfire and roast marshmallows. Stephen and I were planning on going on a date but said we would come for the first little while. As we drove up the canyon it started raining, huge hard drops pelting the car. I started to get a little apprehensive, we were both wearing flip flops, naturally, and I was wearing a sweater that definitely wasn't water proof. When we pulled into the campground parking lot, however, the rain had subsided and we got out to trudge through the mud towards the fire pit. We met my brother's and sister's families and began to start the fire. Just about then the hail started...It wasn't golf ball sized but it was still pretty big. Ammon somehow got the fire started and we stood around it huddled under a blanket to fend off the worst of the hail.

Needless to say, Stephen and I left pretty quickly. But it was a great start to our date and a memory I'll keep for those times when I need a little laugh.


Jessie said...

I love dates. Especially ones that turn out crazy and not quite right! Sounds like you guys had an adventure.

Jessie said...

P.S. I wouldn't be surprised if Ammon got a fire started amidst a hurricane.