Monday, November 2, 2009


We started our Halloween off playing (well, Stephen played, I watched) pumpkin football with some friends. It was so fun!
So this year dressing up was tricky due to lack of time and lack of funds. The day before Halloween I was standing in our spare room trying to figure out what to dress up as and I saw a picture frame sitting on the table and it came to me, I'll be a work of art and Stephen can be an artist! I know I'm a creative genius! I think our costumes turned out rather well considering I only spent $1.25.
That night stopped by a friend's house and had some yummy homemade donuts and then we headed over to my brother's house to play games and have caramel apples. My brother and his wife dressed up as Han Solo and Princess Leah. I'm quite impressed with their costuming skills!


Jessie said...

Oooh, that IS a genius costume for the two of you! You're very creative. Sounds like you guys had a fun night. :)

US said...

seriously you are so creative!! Love it!!