Monday, November 29, 2010

2 Months Old

Will is 2 months old! I really don't believe it, the time has flown by!

Here are his stat from his 2 month check up

Height- 23 1/2 inches 75%
Weight- 11 lb 7 oz. 45%
Head Circ.- 15 3/4 inches 55%

He's getting SO big. He still is such a great baby. He loves to just take in his surroundings and his little brain is constantly working. He loves tummy time and I swear he's going to be crawling soon. He can lift his entire body off the blanket. I'm not too sure I'm ready for my baby to crawl, though.


AsK said...

Happy 2 months big guy! Wesley is an inch and a pound smaller than you! Go Will!!
Love, Karen

Jessie said...

Congrats Will! Isn't being a mom wonderful and exhausting all at once? :) And trust me, Will is still tiny. Just wait until you're lugging 20 pounds around... especially when it's dead sleeping weight.