Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas, Part 2

The week after Christmas was spent being "tourists". We took Will to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, the Zoo and the beach. He LOVED the beach, the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park were less of a hit. Will couldn't of cared less about the animals but he really dug the trees.

Daddy and Will at the Zoo
It got kind of cold at the Zoo so we put his blanket on his head, he didn't mind so much.
One happy baby.
First beach trip.
Mommy and Will
Happy beach Baby!
Giga (my mom) and Will. Will's out! It was a long day for him :)
First trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park

Eating on the Go.
Will with Papa (my dad), waiting for the bird show to start.
Will watching the bird show.
Will and Daddy
After we left San Diego, we went to visit Stephen's sister, Christina, in Crestline, CA (a town in the mountains of San Bernadino). But those pictures are for the next post.


Peter and Mandy said...

Very cute. I love the flopped head while watching the bird show.

Jessie said...

Will has the CUTEST smile! Isn't it funny how babies love trees? It must be the leaves. I can't wait to take Jed to the Zoo sometime. It looks like your family is doing good too.

Megan and Ben Smith said...

Sometimes, it still blows my mind that you are a mom! He's so cute!