Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boston and Connecticut Fun

A few weekends ago we took a quick trip up to Boston so Stephen could go to an awesome career fair tailored just for him! Will and I had fun tramping around Boston while daddy worked and we even got to visit with my brother and his wife in Connecticut. It was so fun, oh so beautiful, and a great break from regular life! 
Faneuil Hall, to call it a food court would be SO inadequate! The food there was SO yummy! We went back everyday we were in Boston.
 Yummy Food

 Will got really upset because we weren't feeding him faster. He LOVED the food too!
 Stephen eating a lobster roll, he said it was tasty. I couldn't try it as I am allergic to lobster :(
 Stephen trying to navagate the streets of Boston, we were so obviously tourists!
 Will loved looking at everything. He kept pointing at things, getting excited, and babbling about everything he saw.
 Beautiful Boston
 We met a great lady on the plane to Boston who told us that no matter what else we did in Boston we NEEDED to visit Mike's Pastry. There was quite a line outside when we got there but the wait was SO worth it!
 Lots of people crammed into a tiny place.
 We all enjoyed our "Lobster Tail". It looked like the tail of a lobster filled with cream, way better than lobster!
 My brother, Ammon, and his wife, Monica, drove down from Connecticut to spend a day in Boston with us. We walked the Freedom Trail.
 Stephen and Will in the Old North Church
The Old North Church

 Will is SO close to walking all by himself!

We were able to drive to Connecticut on Saturday night, to see my brother, Ammon's new house.
Will had such a fun time with Ammon!
 The back of Ammon's house.
Will LOVED Monica! They had such a great time together.
On Monday we had a LONG flight back to Utah, we didn't get home until 2 am. Will did well on the trip back and we all had a lot of fun!

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