Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Adventures

My family came to visit for Thanksgiving this year. It was great fun filled with food, family, fun and some guns.
One of the days my family was here we went shooting as a family.
My mom really liked the guns.
 Brooke was really getting into it too!

Jordan and Bri are SO cute!
 We all had a great time!

 Stephen's getting Will started early!

On Thanksgiving we went to the big Hepworth family shindig in Salt Lake. We ate tasty food and had some great fun playing volleyball and chatting.


Jessie said...

Your mom is HILARIOUS!!! Looks like a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Stephanie said...

Hey Sianny,
I was just trying find some updated e-mail addresses so I can send out our family Christmas letter, and I came across your blog. How fun! I didn't even know you had a little boy (sometimes I feel so out of the loop, having been away from San Diego for so long). Will is really cute.
Merry Christmas!