Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I've gotten some updates about my ankle adventures. It seems that in true Sian style I have gotten some fancy rare condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). It is a condition where my central nervous system is sending more pain to my ankle then necessary. I have to get a series of three shots in my back to jump start the healing, yay; you all know my love for shots :). And possibly the worst news is that I will not heal for at least a year. But the good news is that I have mild case so it may go away sooner, who knows.

Stephen is recently got a job at Costco and he is really enjoying. And other then my ankle troubles we're doing relatively well.


Anonymous said...

Sian: E-mail your postal address and I'll mail you info about CRPS (formally known as RSD)
Best of health, Jim Broatch
My E-mail is jwbroatch@rsds.org

Christine said...

Hi. I too have RSD/CRPS. Please do research and learn treatments and options available to help you fight this.

I get email alerts from Jim (your above commenter) - He has a great site well known in the RSD/CRPS community:


Another good site is: RSDHope.org

They have a letter to friends and family that help explain this condition a little easier.

The way I explain it to people is that my nerves turned off and never turned back on.

Another good option is for you to join a couple of forums to vent your feelings, cause there will be many times that your family will not understand.

Hugs. You will make it.


Christine said...

I meant the other way around:

My nerves turned on and never turned back off - sorry long morning.