Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving Together!

Stephen and I had the opportunity to spend our first thanksgiving together all alone! My family spent thanksgiving in Utah but Stephen had to work so we stayed in San Diego.

It was so much fun to spend the whole day with Stephen making Thanksgiving dinner and playing games. The dinner was actually really good, considering neither of us really knew what we were doing, but there were SO MANY yummy leftovers. After dinner we layed on the couch in a turkey comma, well for us it was a ham comma because neither Stephen nor myself really likes turkey :), and watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. All in all, an amazing thanksgiving!

P.S. Stephen did all the dishes, he's so great!!

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Kim said...

Hey Sian! This is Kim. Great to see your blog and fun pictures! Congratulations on getting married! Ahlstrom's said you had a beautiful wedding. How fun. I'm excited to be able to keep up with you.