Thursday, July 23, 2009


So finally all the planets aligned and Heavenly Father decided I'd gone through enough because the surgery I've been waiting for for the past FIVE months was finally approved! I actually had the surgery yesterday. It went really well. For those of you who are unaware, last August I fell off a ladder at work and messed up my ankle. At first the doctors thought I had just sprained my ankle but it never healed. An MRI of my foot showed nothing. When we moved to Utah and I got a new doctor he ordered another MRI but this time of my ankle. This MRI showed a tear to a tendon in my ankle it The doctor recommended surgery but the insurance company didn't agree. Five months later we were still fighting the insurance company. All the while the rest of my body has been deteriorating, my hip joint is swollen and my stomach my have an ulcer. Two weeks ago my amazing husband called to plead my case again with the adjuster. He explained all the other medical problems that have resulted because of my ankle problem. She still didn't approve the surgery and Stephen hung up with her feeling discouraged, but she called back a few minutes later and told him it was approved!! Apparently her supervisor had overheard their conversation and told my adjuster to just approve the surgery because it had been long enough.

After that everything just fell into place. The doctor had an opening the next week for surgery and that's how I found myself in surgery yesterday. They fixed the tear and actually found out why I wasn't healing. Apparently there was some muscle that had grown down my tendon and it was pulling the tear apart so it couldn't heal. SO I DID NEED SURGERY!!

BOO on the insurance company! It does feeling great to be vindicated!! Anyway, now the healing process can begin. I'm not allowed out of bed for 4 days except to the bathroom. After that no weight baring for 6 weeks. It'll be oh so fun but at least I'm moving toward recovery:)

Yesterday when we got home from the surgical center it took almost 30 minutes to get me up to our apartment. It was pretty funny I had to go up the stairs on my bum. Oh boy! Anyway thanks everyone for your prayers and your well wishes. I'll update you all later.

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Sporty Chick said...

Hi!!!!!! Its summer I love your new blog design Its so cute with the strawberrys and all!!!!!!! Oh.....And anyway Im so glad the surgery went well!!!!!!!!! Oh....and Im sorry about the itching!!!!!!!! Lots of love summer!
:) :D :O