Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

So I know that I don't technically have a child yet but I am pregnant so Stephen figured that this is my first Mother's Day. It was such an amazing day. For breakfast Stephen made one of my favorite things, Roll-up Pancakes. I'm not sure that this is the official name for them but we called them when I was kid. They're kind of like crepes but more fluffy. Needless to day, THEY WERE AMAZING!!
This is what I came out to...after Stephen removed the "cloches" *the metal things, at least that's what Stephen called them :)* they looked like this...SO YUMMY!!
Because we are starving students I didn't want any presents but Stephen was amazing and found a little extra money to buy me a citrus zester, something that I've wanted desperately for a long time!
We had an amazing day at church and a great afternoon just hanging out and enjoying eachother's company, something we don't get to do that often anymore. For dinner Stephen made some steak, risotto and roasted asparagus. It was SO yummy!
Thank you, Stephen for making my first mother's day incredible!


US said...

You two are adorable!!! I dont know if I already told you but CONGRATS on the baby :) luvs

Jessie said...

Yes, the whipped cream tops it all off! Happy Mother's Day mom-to-be! I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl.

Oh, and how cool that Ammon and Brooke graduated together! I love the lays.

Adam and Karen said...

Congratulations! I just was checking out the baby section of and they have a whole section called Tiddliwinks Bedding. I know that's not how you are spelling it, but I immediately thought of you! Happy Mother's Day!
Love, Karen