Thursday, May 6, 2010

Playing Catchup

I know it's been a few weeks but they've been a crazy few weeks. First my mom was in town for Ammon, my brother, and Brooke's, my sister, graduation.
While my mom was here I had a doctor's appointment and she came with me and I was able to have an ultrasound because they couldn't find the heartbeat with the heartbeat thingy, that's the offical name for it. It was really cool to have my mom there with me so she could see little Tiddlywinks first hand. It was also fun to see an actual baby when I looked at the ultrasound.
P.S. the reason the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat was because I apparently have this super placenta blocking the heartbeat thingy, which is a good thing I'm told.

Then Stephen's brother, David and sister, Christina, were in town for Stephen's other sister, Wendy's graduation. We spent a fun weekend with them playing Super Mario Bros Wii and a Harry Potter trivia game.

And then I started school yesterday. I'm going to try again after having to drop my classes last semester because of the noncooperation of Tiddlywinks but mostly my body. So keep your fingers crossed that I can make it through the semester this time because I'm getting kind of tired of taking the same classes over and over again in hopes that one day I'll actually be able to finish them :).

As for Stephen, well, he's working hard at work and preparing for the LSAT next month. He's getting SO excited to meet Tiddlywinks and so am I.

And the last and, in my opinion, the most exciting news is that we have a date for the "gender" ultrasound. JUNE 9th is the day!! YAY! I'll let you know when we find out. Any ideas what Tiddlywinks is going to be?

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Ellen. said...

yay i love ultrasound pics! hmmmm i don't have any "feelings" either way on the sex, but i'm totally feeling blonde hair and blue eyes!! love you siany and steve, so excited for you xx