Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Shenanigans 2011

December 15-27, 2011
This year our little family spent Christmas with my family in San Diego. We visited some seals, went to the Zoo, made gingerbread/gram cracker houses, played games, shot gingerbread/gram cracker houses with paint-balls, and just had fun.

We went to visit the Seals at Children's Beach. Will really loves the ocean.
It was during Will's nap-time so he was less than happy to be there.
But he eventually decided he liked the seals.
These seals are pregnant, I can sympathize.
He got really tired of me taking his picture, as you can see.
There is a battle going on for the Children's Beach. It was originally donated to the City to be used as, just that, a Children's Beach, but some Environmentalists want the beach for the seals. They sit on the wall going towards the beach to video and generally degrade those who they feel are bothering the seals. They even set up a yellow rope discouraging people from going past a certain point. My brother and brother-in-law decided they would push the envelope and play on a rock next to the rope with my niece. They upset the environmentalists and got themselves videotaped and yelled at. My father was so proud :).

The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo. Will loves the Zoo, not because of the animals but because he loves the plants at the Zoo. I know, he's so silly but so dang cute!
 I love Monkeys. If they weren't so stinky, or mean, I would have one. I wonder what Wymount would say about that.
 My little brother, Cameron, and my niece, Annalise. Cam's going to make a great husband and father someday.
 Jordan was digging the Zoo too.
 Will was having fun pushing his stroller.
 Cameron really wanted to be crushed by an Elephant, don't worry, it's not a real Elephant.
 Ella really got into it too.
 Cam is a little nervous, Ella is not.
 Even Alex got into the fun.
My Cousin, Amber, and her cute little girl, Lily Elise.
Will did actually like the Lion. We took his picture with Anne and Cam on top of the lion statue to celebrate.

 I'm glad the Lion wasn't real because, Will really liked its mouth.
 He has something about teeth, he really loves them. Maybe he'll be a dentist.
We also made Gingerbread/Gram Cracker houses.
 This is our second attempt, I am not an architect.
 Stephen decided that our house needed to be destroyed with paint balls, I was sad.
Christmas Eve was spent at the Francois's, enjoying yummy food and great company.

Christmas morning, everyone was up early, and enjoyed our stocking.
 It looks like mountains of presents but there are a lot of people in my family.
After opening all our presents we got ready for Church. It was nice to go to Church and remember the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ. After Church we took some pictures because we looked so good.

All in all we had great fun. We were all sad to leave but excited to visit Stephen's sister, Christina, and her family in Crestline, for the New Year.

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Jessie said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! I love seeing pictures of your family. Cam and Anne are getting so big! Paintballing gingerbread houses sounds like a blast. I can't wait to take Jed to the zoo this summer! Looks like you had a fabulous holiday.