Friday, January 27, 2012

Look Who's Walking!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It was a momentous day at the McCuen house...Will FINALLY walked!
I am so so proud of him! He has had the ability to walk for a few months now but not the confidence. Stephen and I had tried to coax Will into walking with bribes of brownies, suckers, and his very favorite thing...the phone. But he wasn't going for it.
Then, on Sunday, during Sunday School Will decided he wanted to walk across the room. I almost fell out of my seat!  Since then he's been a walking fool! He still holds his arms up like we're holding his hand which is super, super cute!
This is for my mom mostly but here's Will walking (and talking on the phone :).


Gretchen said...

Go Will!!! So exciting!!

Megan and Ben Smith said...

Too cute! Love it!

Jessie said...

Hooray Will! Walking AND talking takes some skill, and that boy has it!

It's so much nicer when they can walk and you don't have to heft them around anymore. :)