Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun in the Sun with Friends

Spring has sprung here in Provo and it's getting hot, well maybe not hot but definitely pretty warm. Today one of the dads in the quad got out a sprinkler and a baby swimming pool. The quad kids had a BLAST splashing around the pool and running through the sprinkler.
Will was first in the sprinkler and first in the pool. He really loves the water!
 Wyatt really wants to go in the water!


 Naomi Nielson, just hanging out, trying to get a tan :)
 Friend Samuel Barnes running through the sprinkler.
 Splashing fun!
  Friends playing in the kiddie pool.
 Will and Indee playing in the sprinkler.
 Daniel is NOT a happy camper, he didn't really like the water.
Will and Samuel!
 Back in the pool!

 Indee doesn't look happy.
 The Nielson family, this is a great picture of them.
 Indee Rae, a girl among all the boys!
 Samuel, such a cutie!

 Will and his friend, Samuel Barnes.
 Wyatt, he didn't get in the water and he wasn't happy about it :)

 Will still LOVES the grass!
 My dear friend Charlotte Barnes with her son, Daniel.
It was such a fun time! I can't wait for summer and more fun days like this!


Peter and Mandy said...

That sounds like so much fun

Jessie said...

How fun! Look at all those kids!

We just moved Jed into a big boy bed too. We all love it! I had to take all of his toys out of his room to help him go down for a nap though.

Cute curtains!

Hope you're healing well and feeling better.