Friday, June 8, 2012

Silly, Silly, Silly

Just in the last few weeks Will has become ridiculously silly. He walks around the house with things on his head, he makes jokes, he rides trash cans... the thing is, he's actually funny. He  not only makes me laugh but anyone else that's around us does too.  Maybe he'll be a comedian some day, who knows?

Who needs a hat when you have a Sephora bag.

Of course you sit on your raceway toy while wearing a box on your head.
In my defense, this trash can has never actually been used for trash, only for soaking  stained clothes. Will found it on the patio and decided it needed to be ridden.
 Who knew trash cans could buck you off.

 I love this new aspect of Will's personality. He really is my buddy and my comedian. I love him so so much!

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