Friday, June 8, 2012

Life as of Late

Our life as of late has been full of silliness, sun, friends and water.

 Last month my brother, Ammon, and his wife, Monica, came for a visit and Will had his very first ice cream cone. He LOVED it.
He got appropriately messy...
And was rather disappointed when the cone was empty...
 The end result...

He decided he didn't want to finish the cone after the ice cream was gone so he decided to share his nasty cone with a random stranger. That's my boy, so nice to share with others!

We have also been having a blast with the pool and splash pad out in the quad with our friends.
No matter how cold the water is, Will stays in it until I turn it off. He loves it so much!
Even with a pool and a splash pad, Will still wanted to play in a puddle, silly boy!
Will and his friend, Payton, playing in the puddle.
Will loves his hat. He wears it all the time, even in the house.
Our friend, Oliver. He is SO cute!
Our friend Indee...

And her handsome little brother, Krew. They're moving away and we're going to miss them so so much!
Krew and Indee with their Grandma.
Our friends Naomi and Lucy, Will loves to play with them.
A few weeks ago Stephen and I caught the stomach flu and had to entertain Will while not moving too much. We were watching Sound of Music and Will was totally jamming to the was awesome. I actually have video of it, I'll have to post it later :) 

 We spend our days outside with our friends and watching, reading and talking about trains, Will's new obsession :)

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Krewson Family said...

how fun! missing the quad!