Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday Will!

My baby is one month old today! I can't even believe it. As I look back on the first month of my baby boy's life, so much has happened!
  • 30 hours of labor followed by 2 1/2 of pushing
  • A short visit to the NICU for antibiotics and a little jump start for his lungs
  • Getting to see him for the first time up close
  • Holding him for the first time
  • Seeing Stephen hold him for the first time
  • Coming home from the hospital
  • Meeting so much of his extended family
  • Going under the Jaundice lights
  • His first bath
  • Going back to the hospital because of an infection
  • Watching him be poked with 10 million needles
  • Being released from the hospital
  • Going to his daddy's birthday party
  • Tummy time
  • Lots of trips to the doctor
  • The first time he smiled at me
So much has happened in his short life! I love him SO SO much and I can't wait to see what the rest of forever brings.


Leslie said...

Oh, Sian, that first picture is dreamy. What a perfectly beautiful little boy.

Jessie said...

He's had a busy month! I love that first picture!

AsK said...

What a busy month! I might just do this on my blog too! Don't you love that first smile?! It's the greatest! Because of you, I've gotten out the toys and started doing "tummy time" with Wesley. I just wanted to keep him as my little snuggly baby forever, so thanks for helping me to know what I need to be doing to help him develop on track! :) Happy 1 month Will! You are adorable!