Friday, October 1, 2010

One Week Old

Grandma Hepworth with her Great-grandchildren

Serious Contemplation

Matching with Daddy. Aren't my boys cute?

Ghetto Fabulous! Will had to go under the Jaundice Lights. Doesn't he look awesome?

Will actually really liked the lights. For a little while anyway.

Cousin Ella LOVES Will!

My mom stayed up with Will one night so Stephen and I could sleep. I felt SO much better the next morning but my poor mom looked like this :)


Jessie said...

Oooh, he is so tiny and so, so, CUTE, Sianny!!! I wish I could hold him. Seriously. Love all the pictures. I understand how your mom felt in the morning. haha Good luck. When you think you've hit your wall, Will will change and start sleeping an hour or two longer. Hooray! Soak it all in and hold the little guy as much as possible. These precious weeks fly by way too fast!

Peter and Mandy said...

Too cute and funny. What a sweet little guy.