Monday, October 11, 2010

The Worst Day of My Life

I've had bad days before, even horrible day but Friday was the worst day of my life EVER! Will had to be admitted to the hospital due to an infection on a sore on his head. Stephen had noticed the sore when we were giving Will his first bath (pictures to come) and thought that it was something he got from his birth. When we had Will's 2 week appointment we mentioned it to the doctor, he took one look at it and declared it infected. He took some topical cultures and some blood work. gave us some antibiotics, told us to look out for signs of Will getting worse and sent us on our way. The next day, Friday, I noticed that Will was really lethargic, pale, he wasn't interested in eating and things that used to bother him, like getting his diaper changed, and I got a little worried. We went back into the doctor and he decided Will had gotten worse, despite the antibiotics and said Will would have to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Thus beginning my hellish experience.

We got to the hospital and the staff seemed uninterested in helping us, they suck us in a room and left us there, all the while I could hear all the nurses and a doctor laughing and chatting at the nurses station, Will just kept getting more and more pale and I got more and more nervous. I was to the point of freaking out and yelling at someone when we finally got a nurse to help us. She was somewhat useless, however, well I'm sure she wasn't useless and that's really not fair to say because I was not in the best state of mind just then, but anyway the nurse couldn't seem to get an IV started. She poked my poor baby 5+ times to no avail. Again my freak out impulse was growing and the nurse declared it was time for her to go home and we would have to wait for another nurse to come. I broke down, it is that hardest thing in the world to see your child crying and not being able to comfort them because you know that it's something that they need to be healthy. Luckily Stephen kept his head and we called my brother Jordan to help give Will a blessing. Jordan and his wife, Bri, came right over and the boys gave Will a priesthood blessing. That was a turning point in our hellish adventure. Shortly after Bri and Jordan left to get us some dinner, thanks guys, two new nurses appeared and shortly after that they found a vein and got an IV started. Thank heavens for those nurses! They were amazing! They got us calmed down, got Will comfortable and started on antibiotics and fluids, and gave us a private room so both Stephen and I could stay with Will.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Will is responding really well to the antibiotics and is getting better every day. Hopefully we will be able to take Will home today or tomorrow and proceed with oral antibiotics. Thank you everyone for the prayers and support.


Leslie said...

What heartbreaking pictures! I feel so frustrated for you toward those annoying nurses at the beginning. I'm so glad that you guys ended up getting the appropriate attention and that Will is doing better.

What a traumatic experience! We're praying that he heals completely and QUICKLY! Love you guys!

Jessie said...

I can't imagine, Sianny!!! I am so, so, sorry! I don't know what I'd do with a tiny sick baby. Thank heaven for the Priesthood. I'm glad that Will is doing much better. Best Wishes! I'll send a little prayer up for him.

Peter and Mandy said...

Glad Will is doing better. I can't believe the hospital nurses were so useless in the beginning, you'd think they see an infant and do whatever they could to make you and the baby feel at ease.

Ellen. said...

so sorry you had to go through all that-what a nightmare! i think i would be a total basket case! i'm glad little one is doing better. love and hugs xxx