Thursday, May 24, 2012

Growing, Growing, Growing...Hopefully

 For Mother's Day, Stephen and Will gave me some Topsy Turvys, you know those things you grow tomatoes upside-down in? I've wanted some for ages and they finally got me some. This past Saturday we went to a nursery to hunt down some plant sprouts and hopefully we came home with some super hearty plants.
Now I am a horrible gardener, I have killed everything I previously tried to grow. I'm not sure where this black thumb tendency came from, my dad is an exceptional gardener. He can grow anything, I think that gene may have skipped me :). It is something I want to change, however. We've had our plants for almost a week and none of them are dead!
The boys got me two Topsy Turvys that also grow herbs, each planter has two tomato plants growing out the bottom and a few on the lowest "portals." 
We are also growing thyme, basil, peppermint, and rosemary in the Topsy Turvy planters. I'm hoping to get some strawberry plants for some of the empty "ports".
In two other hanging planters, we decided to grow dill and cilantro.
  I hear cilantro grows like crazy and I'm excited to see how far it has already grown since we planted them on Saturday. You see that little gnome friend? His name is Jack, he keeps water in his head in case I forget to water my cilantro plant. 
 I have only used dried dill thus far but I hear fresh dill is SO much better so I thought I try to grow some. They seem to be growing quickly too. This little gnome friend is named Jill, she also protects my plants against neglect.
I want to take pictures every week so that I can see the differences
So here it is, week one of my plants' lives. Here's to hoping that they are all alive next week!

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Peter and Mandy said...

Those gnomes are very cute. I wish you all the luck. I had a topsy turvy planter that I grew yellow pear tomatoes in. It worked okay, our biggest problem is we don't get enough direct sunlight on our balcony. But we have cilantro growing and it grows like a weed! Which is great cause I love cilantro.