Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No More Helmet Hair!

It's official, Will is Helmet free! We went to the doctor last week and Will's head is now only a 2 millimeter difference, a normal person has between 0-3 millimeter difference (by the way if you ever are in need of good helmet doctor in the Provo area, Branch Hunsaker is AMAZING!). To make his head perfectly round it would take another 2 to 4 months of a helmet and I'm just not that into perfection.

I am so enjoying not having to worry about if Will's wearing too many clothes or if I can risk putting socks on him or if it'll make him too hot. His helmet also was a little smelly and kind of gross :). I do have to say, however, I miss not worrying too much when Will bumped his head but I'll get over it, don't worry.

In other news, Will has two more teeth! His incisors (top front teeth) have come in and he has the telltale signs of the Hepworth gap. No worries though, he's cute no matter what and it'll probably fill in when he gets his adult teeth like mine did. I can also feel two more top teeth fighting to poke through and when they do my baby will have 6 teeth! Holy Cow, he's growing up SO fast!

Stephen and I are both super busy right with classes. To make matters worse, I hurt my back and am now going to physical therapy 2 times a week. I really hope it feels better soon because I'm so over this not lifting thing! Poor Stephen is doing all the housework on top his already crazy schedule but he doesn't complain. I have the most amazing husband!


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Leslie said...

You wouldn't think a baby in a helmet could be so adorable, but Will really was. Hooray for being able to see all that cute blond hair though!

Hope your back feels better soon!

(Oh, and you've GOT to love that Hepworth gap! I know I do...so does Livvy :0)