Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seven Peaks!

This summer Stephen and I decided to get Seven Peaks (a water park in Provo) season passes and today we went for the first time. We were excited to see how Will would react to the water because he loves his bath so much. I think we have a natural born swimmer on our hands, people! Will LOVES the water and cried when we left. I'm really glad we have season passes so we can go back whenever we want.

My Hunky Men! Will was trying to figure out how the water was shooting up so high.
Relaxing. We got Will a floaty suit from Walmart and he loved being able to just float along.
Splashing away!
Isn't he cute?
I can swim, I can swim!
Tired, tired boy! He had SO much fun!
P.S. Will recently outgrew his baby seat and we moved him to a toddler seat, it's still rear facing until he's a year but he loves having more room. He is getting so big! What happened to my baby? He's turning into a little boy! I love how he's giving me a thumbs up, he approves of his new seat!


Peter and Mandy said...

What a big boy!

Jessie said...

Soo cute! I am so glad summer is here! And I'm stoked that you have a new fancy pants camera too. Can't wait to see more pics. :)

Nichole Chism said...

He is gorgeous and getting so big!