Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Will's 9 Month Check Up

I know that Will's almost 10 months old but his 9 month Doctor's appointment was only last week. All I can say is that Will is a BEAST!! He is basically the size of an 18 month old. Here are his 9(ish) month stats:

Height: 30.75 inches, 97 %tile
Weight: 22 lbs 6 oz, 70 %tile
Head: 46.2 cms, 70 %tile

And here is what Will's been up to lately:
  • Crawling, crawling, crawling! I'll post some pictures and video soon!
  • Wearing 18 month clothes, and almost growing out of them!
  • Playing with balls, he loves to roll them and then crawl after them.
  • Yelling at the vacuum cleaner and following it around the house as I vacuum, it's pretty funny.
  • Wearing size 4 diapers.
  • Laughing at us when we try to get him to repeat what we say or mimick us. For example, we're trying to get Will to say "Da, Da" but all he does is laugh when we try to get him to say it.
  • Playing in the pool.
  • Eating grass, every time we go down to play Will pulls up some grass and eats it. Hey dogs eat it to settle their stomachs, maybe Will eats it to settle his too.
  • Spitting up, still! Not so happy about that.
  • Charming all the women he meets. Yes, I'm a little worried about when he grows up.
  • Pulling himself up onto his knees, he would but himself onto his feet but he doesn't need to, he's tall enough that he can reach everything on his knees.
  • Eating all the "treats" on the floor faster than we can stop him, thus the vacuum cleaner. I think Will gets upset because he thinks the vacuum is eating his treats.
  • Eating grown up food. We've found that he doesn't spit up real food as much.
  • Will eats pretty much everything these days, except milk and peanut butter. I'm waiting for a year to introduce those.
  • His favorite foods are; black beans, green beans, bananas, the noodles from chicken noodle soup, and Kix (he LOVES those!).
  • Dancing away. He loves to listen to music and and dance, I'll have to post a video of that too!
  • When we ask him to give kisses he turns his head and touches his cheek with yours, it's pretty cute!
  • He will sometimes give five and clap, if he's in the mood.
  • He's turned into a wiggly squiggly little dude and doesn't much like to cuddle, except when he's sleepy.
  • Still being an incredibly easy baby, sleeping all through the night and taking 2+, 2 hour naps a day (depending on when he wakes up).
  • Sitting front facing in a big boy seat. His head was poking out of his baby seat and I figured that wasn't good so we switched him. The reason he's front facing is that our car can't fit the seat rear facing. Needless to say, Will loves having more room and seeing mom and dad while driving.
  • Does the "Down Dog" yoga move. He'll stay that way for quite a while.
  • Will LOVES the credits to movies and TV shows. He doesn't watch a lot of TV but when he does, he will only semi pay attention the entire show, until the end and the credits roll around, for those he sits in rapt attention.
  • He loves books, he doesn't always have the patience to sit through the entire book but he really likes to eat the pages :).
Will Dancing to the Opening of Psych

Grass, Grass and More Grass!
Crawling and Spit Up, Two Daily Occurrences at Our House.
Will and Daddy Watching the Credits
Bathtime Fun
Hey Mom, Look at What I Can Do!
Will Also Really Likes Tape Measures


Jessie said...

Lol! Will sounds like a riot! I love that he likes to watch the credits. haha And he's almost as big as Jed! Jed had his 15 month appt today. He's way tall but just weighs a pound more than Will. Whoa!

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh my you do have a beast! Connor has his 9 month appointment in 2 weeks(he'll be 9 months then) and he's just barely 17 pounds when we weigh him on our scale. I love the dancing, too cute.