Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Bedtime Story

There once was a little a little boy that went by the name of Will.
His mommy and daddy let him feed himself dinner almost every night, he has a great time.

 Of course Will makes a huge mess and he needs a bath afterwards. Which, secretly, is why Will makes such a mess.

 After his bath, Will has to act like a super hero, because he has a cape of course.

 And while daddy dresses him, he has to play with a Q-tip and prove he is too long for the changing table.
 Finally little Will is ready for beddy.
After a quick story and a few verses of "I am a Child of God" he's off to bed.
 Goodnight everybody.
P.S. Will really could be a baby model, don't you agree?


Jessie said...

His smile is killing me! Will is so cute! I love that you're updating your blog more often. It's fun.

P.S. I bought Jed those same jammies, but they're a size too big for next year!

Wendy Ahlman said...

Yes! Said his aunt, not biased AT all! I love him so much. Such cute pictures.