Saturday, February 25, 2012

Will's Favorite Things

Will's in love with some silly things lately.
Namely, his blanket and his snow boots. 
Yes, he is wearing boots over his footie jammies. Every morning Will brings me his snow boots and sticks out his leg for me to put on him with whatever he's wearing, usually it's still jammies. He has a hard time walking in his boots and he stands super cute, such a goofer!
He also has figured out that he can reach his blanket from outside his crib. When he's tired he goes and gets his blanket and nose dives on the floor and sucks his thumb. The first time he nose dove on our industrial, no padding carpet he cried because he was expecting the same result as his crib mattress, soft bounciness but, alas, it was hard a rock. He has since softened his nose diving to gentle bonking.
He is also enjoying playing with trucks and making their guttural truck sounds, no "brooom, brooom" at our house. Something new he has discovered is moving things from one container to another, he can do that for 30 minutes at least. He also loves to help me cook. I no longer cook dinner alone, I always have my little helper. He will also help me clean up. 
He has recently started saying diaper when he needs a change, I'm glad that he knows he doesn't feel comfortable when he's wet and he can tell me about it. 
He loves oatmeal, salmon, turkey meatloaf, and peas. He only eats things with flavor, he loves all things covered in hot salsa.
He loves to figure out how things work, how they move, how they fit into each other. He's got the mind of an engineer.
I love him so much!
 He loves to play in our drawers. He put his snack cup there himself, for easy snacking.

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Leslie said...

When did he get so TALL?! Isn't it funny the things they get obsessed with? I love when their personalities really start emerging.